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I want to personally welcome you to the Herbal Balance Program, Inc. (HBP) which is based upon my 20 years of practice in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In creating this program, it is my intention to provide each and every one of you with your very own personalized, affordable and convenient approach to creating health and longevity through the supernutrition provided by natural Chinese herbal extracts.

Using HBP’s personalized formulas, you can increase energy, reduce stress, boost your immune system, restore youthfulness and improve the quality -- not only of your health -- but of your life.

HBP is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Theory of the Five Elements, that every person has physiological and psychological strengths and weaknesses based upon their Element types. To achieve health and long life, these strengths and weaknesses must become balanced through appropriate herbal combinations. These herbal combinations work by releasing essence and energy that stimulate specific vital organs and glands to improve circulation, to oxidize the blood.






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Remember, good health is being -- and feeling -- vitally alive for a lifetime.

Dr. Oda Halverson, Phd


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