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Constitutional Therapy:
   The term Constitutional Therapy refers to the nature of an individual, encompassing the physical condition, behavioral pattern, the relationship to the environment and to the family, the emotions and the belief system. Treating according to "Constitution" means treating the whole person, body/mind and not just the symptoms of a particular disease. Constitutional Therapy has been used for thousands of years and is being successfully applied up to the present time. The goal of Constitutional Therapy is to help us to feel in balance and in harmony with ourselves and our environment. Our Constitutional Type will alter the way we respond to stressful situations; it will allow us to think and feel and act in a way that is beneficial to our well- being. The Herbal Balance Formulas encourage you to move toward positive habits and patterns.

   Every person possesses specific characteristics associated with each of the Constitutional Types which correspond to Five Element Theory. Herbal Balance Program, Inc. is able to help you discover your predominant Constitutional Type by the results of your Questionnaire. These results will help us determine the role each Element plays in your constitutional make-up. According to your personal Constitutional Type we will recommend the appropriate program which will enhance your immune system, create more energy and a greater sense of health and well being.

   Traditional Chinese Medicine distinguishes itself by expressing the Taoist understanding: healthy living is living in a balanced state of the Yin and Yang, with the unencumbered flow of Ch'i. This state of balance can be achieved through the appropriate Herbal Balance Program.    The practice of identifying Constitutions is not limited to the Chinese; similar categorization is done in Western medicine however in the Western approach, people are categorized into Type A or Type B behavior. These are only two Constitutions, whereas in Chinese medicine, the division into Types is usually done in groups of five. Early in Chinese science, the Theory of Five Elements was developed...

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