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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is over 4,000 years old. TCM views man as an integral part of nature, affected by seasonal changes, food changes, emotional, physical and mental stresses. The ancient Chinese observed how nature balanced itself through the seasons and applied this to man through the Yin and Yang theory, resulting in the proper flow of Ch'i. This then evolved into what is known as the Five Element Theory.

TCM believes that harmony in the body can be created through balancing the Five Elements, each of which corresponds to an Organ Network:


Wood - liver and gall bladder

Fire - heart and small intestine

Earth - spleen and stomach

Metal - lungs and large intestines

Water - kidney and urinary bladder.


Through balancing these Five Elements, TCM postulates that organs can be helped to function at optimum levels. Without stress (created through imbalance) being placed on a particular organ, the Ch'i (energy) can flow properly through the entire body. This state of balance promotes Longevity or anti-aging.

By restoring the body to optimal functioning, a patient's resistance to disease is strengthened. Relieving symptoms -- in conjunction with enhancing the immune system -- is the primary goal of TCM.

Constitutional Therapy is based on treating patients according to their specific physical condition, behavioral patterns and emotions.

Chinese Herbology uses herbs as super food providing super nutrition to restore the body to health according to the Five Element Theory.

The practice of TCM is based on the following philosophies of:

Yin/Yang Ch'i Constitutional Therapy Herbal Medicine


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