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Characteristics of the Five Elements
PLANET Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus Mercury
DIRECTION East South Center West North
SEASON Spring Summer Indian Summer Autumn Winter
COLOR Blue Red Yellow White Black
PERVERSE CLIMATES Wind Heat Moisture Dryness Cold
ORGAN Liver Heart Spleen Lungs Kidneys
SENSE Sight Speech Taste Smell Hearing
PARTS OF BODY Muscles, Nails Pulse, Complexion Flesh, Lips Skin, Body-Hair Bones, Hair
ORIFICE Eyes Ears Mouth Nose Anus, Urinary
FLUID Tears Sweat Lymph Mucus Saliva
SMELL Rancid Burnt Sweet Fleshy Putrid
TASTE Acid Bitter Sweet Piquant Salty
SOUND Cry Laugh Song Sob Groan
PSYCHIC VALUES Spirit Conscience Ideas Animal Spirits Will, Ambition
EMOTIONS Anger Joy Worry Grief Fear
DYNAMIC ENERGY Blood Psychic Energy Physical Energy Vital Energy Willpower
GOVERNS Lungs Kidneys Liver Heart Spleen
SOCIAL ESTATE The People The State A Prince A Vassal What is produced
ANIMAL (DOMESTIC) Chicken Dog Ox Horse Pig
ANIMAL (WILD) Tiger Stag Bear Bird Monkey
GRAIN Wheat Millet Rye Rice Peas
STRAIN Overuse of Eyes Over Walking Over Sitting Over Lying Down Over Standing

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