Generation Cycle:

Where there is water; trees will grow; the friction of wood will create fire; fire will turn wood back into earth; earth crystallized will become metal; and metal in contact with cold will form water.

As Water nourishes Wood, the Kidney Essence generates the Blood that the Liver stores.

As Wood feeds the Fire, the Blood of the Liver nurtures the Spirit of the Heart.

As Fire generates ashes the Heart supports the Spleen by providing warmth and metabolic energy to transform and assimilate food.

As Earth creates Metal, the Spleen supports the Lungs by raising food Essence upward to be combined with air Essence, forming the pure Ch'i .

As Metal vitalizes Water, the Lungs nurture the Kidneys by sending their moist Ch'i  downward to be stored by the Kidneys as regenerative Essence.

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