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Group D

  • Strongly identify with statement = 4
  • Somewhat identify with statement = 2
  • Indifferent to statement = 1

                    The tab key changes the active

I am:
able to openly share innermost feelings and desires
vulnerable, sensitive, quick-minded
wanting consolation/hugs in grief or heartbreak
romantic, playful, friendly, charming
relishing excitement and drama
nervous, giggly and talkative
experiencing disturbing or very vivid dreams

I have: insomnia when anxious or excited
fatigue with anxiety and restlessness
sore gum conditions, cold sores in mouth
skin eruptions, rash
dry scalp
the tendency to blush easily when nervous
heart palpitations
involuntary overheating, feeling flushed
cravings or thirst for cold liquids and foods
feelings of dizziness and disorientation when startled
diminished long-term memory
burning sensation of urethra, vagina, or anus


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