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Group C

  • Strongly identify with statement = 4
  • Somewhat identify with statement = 2
  • Indifferent to statement = 1

                    The tab key changes the active

I am:
confident at work when proper procedures are followed
analytical and systematic in my approach to work
thinking of myself as being above reproach
in control of my personal environment
well-disciplined, proud, self-contained
putting virtue and principles before pleasure
easily disappointed or offended

I have: tight skin that cracks easily
lack of perspiration even in hot weather
chronic sore throat or hacking cough
congestion of nose and sinus
many small varicose veins
tendency to suffer from bronchitis or asthma attacks
morning cough with or without phlegm
shallow breathing
itching from dryness
sneezing or coughing due to change in air temperature or moisture
dryness of nose, throat, skin, or hair
pain in the chest due to grief


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