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Group B

  • Strongly identify with statement = 4
  • Somewhat identify with statement = 2
  • Indifferent to statement = 1

                    The tab key changes the active

I am:
competitive, courageous and ambitious
comfortable with conflict, seeking challenges
able to make quick decisions and commit to causes
suffering "burn-out" b/c of excessive commitment
easily irritated, often impatient
following own hunches
a hard worker, even compulsively so

I have: excessive energy, especially at night
pain on the back of head and on temples
shoulder and neck tension
sciatic problems
oily skin, especially around nose
mood swings and/or PMS
indigestion caused by fatty foods
sudden blurring of vision, high pitch ringing in ear
headache, earache neck stiffness from wind exposure
difficulty swallowing, throat feels tight
predisposition to tendonitis
cramping of calves, twitching of eye, face


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