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Group A

  • Strongly identify with statement = 4
  • Somewhat identify with statement = 2
  • Indifferent to statement = 1

                    The tab key changes the active

I am:
wanting to be needed
agreeable, accommodating, and able to resolve conflict
a good listener to other's problems
pleased with family as the center of attention
easily worried to the point of obsession
able to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere
sympathetic with the circumstances of others

I have: lack of stamina
rapid weight gain, difficulty in losing weight
frequent abdominal bloating, indigestion
frequent diarrhea or loose stool
tendency to bruise easily
low energy level most of the time
generalized puffiness
frequent cravings for sweet foods
obsessive desire for or dislike of foods
heavy fleshy arms and thighs
inflamed eyelids that tend to stick together
prolapses or hemorrhoids


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