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Herbal Programs

Based upon 4,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr. Oda Halverson’s 20 years of clinical practice, HERBAL BALANCE is able to offer those seeking optimum health three different Herbal Programs.

In addition to these three Programs we offer Special Formulas designed for specific health care needs such as Menopause, Energy, and more.

HBP’s Programs include:

  • HBP Program ONE: The Five Element Program
  • HBP Program TWO: The Total Health Program
  • HBP Program THREE: The Longevity Program

THE FIVE ELEMENT PROGRAM is based upon your answers to our Questionnaire and provides customized herbs designed to balance your dominant and deficient Elements. This program is designed to provide a baseline of balance for optimum health.

THE TOTAL HEALTH PROGRAM also offers personalized herbs selected to balance your Elements along with a Detox Formula. In Dr. Halverson’s many years of clinical practice, she has found that in prescribing an herbal program for optimum health, a # 1 priority is to detoxify the body. This program is designed to promote total health and well-being.

THE LONGEVITY PROGRAM offers personalized herbs selected to balance your Elements along with the Detox formula plus our Longevity formula. This program not only provides for current health maintenance but also includes herbs such as Ganoderma (Ling Zhi) that have shown to have an anti-aging effect. Ganoderma has been called in ancient Chinese text the Plant of Immortality and has been used by Chinese Medicine practitioners for thousands of years.

Questionnaire (What Element Are You?)


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