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Special Herbal Formulas:

Designed in combination with the ancient Five Element Theory to reduce stress, increase energy and restore balance and health!

The following herbal formulas have been created to address specific health needs of patients and include:


            Anti-Stress Formula

Calms the Heart, relaxes the Mind, increases concentration, enables clearer thinking and allows more restful sleep.

Our Anti-Stress Formula calms the Heart and relaxes the Mind, allowing clearer thinking with more concentration power during the day and a more restful sleep at night.

This Anti-Stress Formula relieves tension and relaxes all of the Organ Networks while strengthening one's ability to mentally focus. Hoelen and Jujube strengthen the functions of the Spleen and Stomach, soothe the nerves, calm the Heart and pacify the Mind. Zizzyphus nourishes the functions of the Liver, reduces insomnia and also calms the Heart. Anemarrhenae is added to help alleviate irritability and fidgeting because of its cooling function. Licorice harmonizes all herbs.


            Energy Formula

Improves energy levels of both Mind and Body, increases endurance and the ability to absorb nutrition through food.

In today's world of high level stress and frenetic activity and of juggling the needs of family with the needs of a career - or juggling work with school - the need for increased energy is constant.
Our Energy Formula improves the energy flow by enhancing the functions of the Spleen/Stomach Network and increases the ability to utilize the energy of the foods we consume.
This herbal combination increases physical energy and simultaneously aids clear thinking and focuses our mind-energy so our goals can be met without undue stress. This Energy Formula improves athletic performance through providing an energy boost and increased levels of endurance.

Astragalus enhances nutrition, improves blood circulation, increases energy flow and endurance. Codonopsis increases energy, reduces fatigue and tiredness of limbs. Atractylodes reduces retention of water, increases energy. The combination of Astragalus and Atractylodes creates a constant energy flow and endurance. Tang Kuei increases circulation and improves the quality of blood. Ginseng increases the energy flow, increases mental performance, endurance and increases resistance to stress. Siberian Ginseng increases energy flow and nourishes the yin. Jujube calms the mind and creates strong focus. Ginger warms the spleen and stomach, aids digestion.


            Woman’s Harmony Formula

Provides PMS Relief, and takes away the anxiety, irritability, and tension associated with the onset of menstruation.

The Woman’s Harmony formula reduces headaches, breast distension, neck tension and promotes circulation of the blood eliminating cramping and bloating of the abdomen. Bupleurum, Mentha, Peony and Moutan remove Liver Ch’I stagnation which is associated with feelings of anxiety, impatience, irritability and emotional instability. These herbs increase the flow of energy, relax muscles and tendons, relief bloating and cramping and bring emotional relief. Atractylodes, Hoelen, and Pinellia reduce swelling, retention of water, calm the mind and reduce headaches.


Menopause Formula (for women)

Strengthens the body, reduces hot flashes, chills, irritability, depression and insomnia.

When menstruation becomes irregular and finally ceases totally, estrogen deficiency can cause psychological and physiological reactions, such as hot flashes, chills, palpitations, insomnia, depression, irritability, headaches, or other somatic conditions.

Ginseng and Atractylodes improve the energy flow and strengthens the spleen. Tang Kuei nourishes the blood and increases circulation. Coptis and Scute clear the heat and reduce irritability. Cinnamon reduces flushing up and promotes circulation of Qi. Saussurea, Areca and Cyperus regulate the flow of Qi. Licorice strengthens the spleen and harmonizes all the herbs in the formula. Taraxaci (Dandelion) reduces heat.


            Longevity Formula

Promotes successful aging, enhances memory, strengthens bones and the immune system, reduces high blood pressure, protects against arteriosclerosis and cataracts.

This special formula promotes longevity, beauty, mental clarity and enhances the immune system. This tonic herbal preparation ensures radiant health and long life. It strengthens the functions of the kidneys, liver and heart, protects against arteriosclerosis, increases circulation, enhances memory, maintains smooth skin and healthy hair, good eye sight and strengthens bones and knees.

Astragalus and Ligustrum strengthen and enhance the immune system and increase the circulation and generate energy. Ginko increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain, enhancing memory and focus. Ganoderma also called Ling-Zhi, the superior herb for long life, nourishes and tonifies the whole body. Rehmannia, Cuscuta, Ho-Shou-Wu and Lycium regulate frequent urination and high blood pressure, protects from cataracts, hair loss, lowers cholesterol and strengthens bones and knees.



Detox/Cleanse Formula

Assists the liver to detoxify toxins and to excrete them.

In the normal process of daily living with high level stress, environmental pollution and increased usage of convenience foods, our body has to work hard to counter all these toxins. Our Detox/Cleanse formula is a combination of herbs that will assist the liver to detoxify toxins and help excrete them.

Bupleurum removes liver Qi stagnation, soothes the liver and drains the heat. It is used for irritability, sensation of constriction in the chest and anxiety. Tang Kuei, Peony and Cnidium nourish the blood and promote blood circulation. Coptis, Gardenia Phellodendrum, and Forsythia clear away heat and toxins, alleviate irritability, restlessness, insomnia and headaches. Alisma clears the heat, subdues swelling and promotes urination. Arctium disperses heat and detoxifies toxins. Schizonepata dispels wind heat or wind cold, bringing rashes to the surface and eliminates itching.


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