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Dr. Oda Halverson, LAc PhD

PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Master of Arts in Behavioral Sciences, Gerontology
Master of Science in Acupuncture and Herbology
Diplomate of Acupuncture, (NCCA)
Certification in the Theory and Philosophy of the Science of Iridology.

20 years of clinical experience in Chinese Herbal Medicine


The Five Elements and Their Effect on Man's Life Span

My recent trip to China brought home to me how much the Chinese still respect and venerate age and its resulting wisdom. I observed that the Chinese still view old age as the period for resting after a lifetime of work, focusing now on spiritual pursuits and introspection

This is the Water Element phase when we reap the harvest of our lifetime experiences, when we take time for personal pleasures giving more time to the pursuit of creative expression and concern with the quality of our life. The Chinese have always through the ages been concerned with longevity and live accordingly,using moderation, appropriate foods and herbs. Herbal Balance Program, Inc. has developed a herbal formula to promote longevity. This special formula promotes longevity, beauty, mental clarity and enhances the immune system. This herbal preparation ensures radiant health and long life. It strengthens the functions of the kidneys, liver and heart, protects against atheriosclerosis, maintains smooth skin and healthy hair and enhances memory.

In the Western World, this last life phase is not so much a period of relaxation, creativity and thoughtfullness as it is sometimes one of stress, anxiety and even fearfulness.

Winter time, the phase of the Water Element, is associated with the Kidney Network. Kidneys need to be protected from the cold, and fortified with specific herbal forumal, and appropriate foods such as beans, smoked fish etc.

According to traditional Chinese herbology, the Kidney Organ Network is considered the source of all fluids that promote vitality and are the basis of vital force. A deficiency of vital kidney Qi in the body can cause premature greying of hair, pain in the lower back, feeling of coldness and excessive fearfulness. The Herbal Balance Program, Inc. formula, Fortified Philosopher nourishes and promotes vitality, stimulates general health and vigor and protects the kidneys especially in the winter time.


Wishing you Joy, Health and Prosperity,


Oda Halverson PhD


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