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Longevity has always been the quest of the Chinese people. Beginning 5,000 years ago their emperors ordered that vast resources be used to learn its secrets.

One of these emperors, the "Yellow Emperor", Huang Ti ( 2674 B.C.) lamented that men in antiquity had reputedly lived to the age of 200 yet in his time they were dying at the early age of 30. He blamed civilization as the culprit because it isolates man from Nature.

Most people on the planet are now living longer than ever before in human history, with eight out of ten Americans living at least into their seventies. An average healthy man is now expected to live up to 81 and a woman up to 90. As a result, creating and maintaining health over the course of an ever lengthening lifetime has become more important and yet also more challenging than ever before.

Today many of us want to reclaim our human birthright of Longevity and to re-connect with Nature by taking care of ourselves and our Earth. Unfortunately, contamination of our rivers and seas has affected our food supply. Soil depletion, pesticides, methods of modern food production and preservation diminish the quality of foods. Rain forests perish so that cattle can graze, so more hamburgers can be sold. By denuding our forests, there are fewer trees to release oxygen, consume carbon dioxide and attract water vapor to cool the Earth's surface. We now have the Greenhouse Effect which literally produces a fever of the land, sea and air. This can be considered similar to a global Yin deficiency which causes irritability and insomnia. As a result, it appears that people have less tolerance, are more irritable / short-fused, and experience more fatigue and other symptoms of ill health and degenerative diseases than ever before.

Once again, as in ancient Chinese times, the effects of civilization have weakened our constitutions. Modern Lifestyle's routine is a recipe for poor health, as it is based on...

     l  Daily stress
     l  Poor diet including the use of coffee and alcohol
     l  Regular use of prescription pharmaceuticals, over the counter and other drugs
     l  Lack of adequate exercise / sedentary lifestyles
     l  Sleep deprivation
     l  Widespread environmental pollution
     l  Radiation (from computers, televisions, fax machines, microwaves and power poles, &
     l  Increasing work loads and diminishing recreational / leisure time.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have effectively used natural herbs as "superfoods." These herbs have been proven to provide instant super nutrition and to stimulate the body's own innate, self-healing capacity, by adjusting the flow of vital energy reaching the body's internal organs, and thereby supplying the necessary materials to help regenerate damaged cells.

Chinese Herbology is based on the Energy Meridian System used by the acupuncturist. Chinese Herbs work by adjusting the flow of vital energy in these meridians and thus in the entire body. By increasing energy where it is too low or modifying energy where it is hyperactive, balance can be achieved.

Over the past few years, more and more Westerners have become aware of the immense value of herbs. Yet, often they fail to realize that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are always used in combination for the utmost effectiveness. (One notable exception to this rule is Ginseng).

Ancient Chinese culture perceives humans as a microcosm of the Universe, that the laws which govern the Universe also govern men and women. The Chinese Theory of the Five Elements postulates that all things in Nature, including human beings, are composed of five basic Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the body is divided into five Organ Networks, with each one corresponding to one Element:

     Wood -- liver and gall bladder
     Fire -- heart and small intestines
     Earth -- spleen and stomach
     Metal -- lungs and large intestine
     Water -- kidney and urinary bladder.

When all these Five Elements (the Organ Networks) are working in harmony -- illness can be prevented and health occurs.

By balancing all of the Five Elements in the body through taking personalized herbal formulas, a state of balance of vital energies occurs which promotes a state of optimal health. In this way, many of the negative influences of modern lifestyle can be overcome along with many of the symptoms of ill health often caused by aging.

Based upon 20 years of clinical practice in Chinese Herbology, Dr. Oda Halverson developed the Herbal Balance Program to feature a line of personalized herbal formulas.

Along with the personalized herbal formulas which are created for each of the Five Element Types, to balance you and create a feeling of well-being and health, Dr. Halverson also created a Longevity program designed to promote successful aging.

"Remember, good health is being -- and feeling -- vitally alive ALL of our life from the beginning and into our golden years ."      -- Dr. Oda Halverson

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