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A Word About Formulas:

Combining herbs is an art. The purpose is to strengthen the effectiveness of the plants' or herbs' therapeutic powers, reduce toxicity and side effects and address the complexities of individual situations.

Chinese herbs are seldom used singly. They are usually combined in formulas of 6 - 20 herbs. This enhances the healing effect and reduces the side effects a single herb might cause.

The Herbal Balance Program, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with a customized program of herbal formulas blended in harmony with the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Each Program is designed to promote health and well-being, using a combination of 100% quality Chinese Herbs. These herbs are chosen for the rich soils in which they are grown, climates in which they are grown and varieties indigenous to their regions.

Herbal Balance Program, Inc. Formulas are extracted from these Chinses herbs here in California, allowing closer monitoring of process control and using the traditional method of decoction. They are then concentrated under high vacuum pressure and the extract finally processed into granule or powder. This assures a higher potency leading to quicker results.

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