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   Herbs are classified into properties and by taste. Hot, Warm, Neutral, Cool and Cold; Sour, Bitter, Sweet or Bland, Spicy and Salty. The taste corresponds to each of the Five Elements as described below. The taste of the herb directs action to a particular organ that is associated with the same taste. The energy of the herb travels through the pathways (meridians) to reach the Organ Networks and to support and balance them for optimum functioning. ...and Organ Networks:

In the Five Element Theory, every Organ Network is associated with an emotion, both distorted and normal, as well as with a particular taste:

Taste Distorted
Sour Impatient Patient (Wood-Liver/GB)
Bitter Agitated Charismatic (Fire-Heart/SI)
Sweet or Bland Obsessive Accommodating (Earth-Spleen/St)
Spicy Autocratic Disciplined (Metal-Lung/LI)
Salty Isolated Self-Sufficient (Water-Kidney/UB)

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