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An Introduction:
   Since ancient times, mankind has searched for the secret of good health and longevity. Although aging itself is not avoidable, it can be slowed down by living in harmony with one's environment. The keys to accomplishing this are:
  • having good dietary habits
  • doing the correct exercise
  • and keeping one's self in balance
   Keeping the self in balance, the main key to good health, may seem elusive and a challenge to some. This challenge can be met by addressing the mind/body as a whole, and considering the emotions and feelings of the individual as well as physical symptoms. A well-balanced body has a proper flow of Ch'i  through mutually supportive Organ Networks. It is precisely in the difficult task of creating the proper flow of Ch'i  that herbs work their power.

   Herbs have been referred to as the "forgotten food". The basic principle of Chinese herbal treatments is to restore balance in the human body, and to strengthen the resistance to diseases by enhancing the immune system.

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