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   Ch'i is the creative and formative principle associated with all of the integral processes of life. The term Ch'i has been translated as the "life force". It is the interaction of Yin and Yang.

   At birth a person is said to possess a strong vital ancestral energy (Ch'i). Every Organ Network in the body has its own energy flow. This Ch'i diminishes with aging gradually and naturally. It is believed that the secret to a long and healthy life is in conserving this energy as long as possible by protecting it from abrupt stresses and depletion. If the Ch'i flows evenly through the meridians of the Organ Network, and the body is kept in balance, new Ch'i is created (through good food and oxygen), and a smaller amount of the ancestral Ch'i is used for daily living. However, if the body is out of balance, due to improper food, drink, or excessive emotions, the body will utilize more of the original Ch'i and hasten the process of aging.

      The spleen, pancreas and stomach through the process of digestion extract Ch'i from food and drink and move the Ch'i upward to the lungs where it combines with the Lung Ch'i, which has been extracted through breath from the air. When these two forms of Ch'i meet in the blood stream, they merge into vital energy . The quality, quantity and balance of this Ch'i which determines the state of our health, is influenced by the weather, change of seasons, and especially by the foods and drinks that we consume.

   Good eating habits and deep breathing exercises are very important in regulating good Ch'i. Another very important factor in having good Ch'i is the healthy condition of the organs which absorb the Ch'i. If the stomach and lungs are not functioning properly, they are unable to extract and absorb the vital energy in pure form and sufficient quantity. As a result of this, the whole body suffers and the energy becomes depleted.

    The Oriental physicians were authorities on longevity through nourishing and protecting this life energy. They perceived their primary function to be helping their patients attain long and healthy lives by supplementing and sustaining their life energy through proper nutrition, acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

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